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Avia Aspire


Avia Aspire is advanced fitness tracking on a budget.Welcome to the companion app for your Avia Aspire activity tracker. With this app, you can set goals, track your progress, share your stats, and more.
It's like using a $200 activity tracker, but for the price of lunch.
Features include:
* Track Steps, Miles, and Calories* View your progress over Days, Weeks, and Months.* Set SmartGoals: Want to burn 300 calories? Set it as a SmartGoal and Avia Aspire will tell you how many steps you have to take to burn it.* Social sharing* Award-winning customer support, featuring in-app live chat.* More updates coming soon!
There's no need to pay hundreds for a Bluetooth activity tracker when Avia Aspire can do the same thing, thanks to some Android magic.
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Go get 'em,
The Avia team